Daphne genkwa flowers in close-up
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Daphne aff. depauperata  H.F. Zhou ex C.Y. Chang (1985)                              (aff.= affinitis ~ relation)


known from China, Yunnan / high ~ up to 1,5 m / growing beside rocks and in forested areas up to altitudes of 3000 m / evergreen / white flowers / red fruits / hardiness and fragrance unknown


has similarity with Daphne longilobata but the leaves of Daphne depauperata are more leathery, darker green, and have revolute margins, the terminal inflorescence has only 2-4(5) flowers  

depauperata means to become impoverished


It would be nice if someone is able to verify the naming of Daphne aff. depauperata

both pictures were taken in Bai Shiu, Yunnan, China


Left: small shrub of Daphne aff. depauperata


Below: Daphne aff. depauperata inflorescence

small shrub of Daphne aff. depauperata, 'Verarmter Seidelbast'
Daphne aff. depauperata inflorescence, 'Verarmter Seidelbast'