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Daphne julia(e) Koso-Poljansky (1921)


comes from the Voronezh region - a steppe south of Moscow / ca. 0,2 m high / evergreen / scented /  needs sunny places and lime / also a white flowering form is existing - Olga Bondareva 1 - link to another homepage

here is a link to another very nice collection of different Daphne julia(e) from Olga Bondareva 2, SRGC - link to another homepage


it seems that several forms of Daphne juliae are in cultivation and this makes it not easier to distinguish this species from Daphne cneorum

Daphne julia looks very similar to Daphne cneorum - the author Koso-Poljansky described Daphne julia(e) first as Daphne cneorum and eleven years later he changed the name into Daphne julia


Daphne x ‘In Paradise’ is the first hybrid with Daphne julia(e)  


Left: Daphne julia(e) close-up of inflorescence


Below right: Daphne julia(e) rich flowering shrub

rich flowering Daphne julia(e)
Daphne julia(e) starts flowering


Daphne julia(e) starts flowering

Daphne julia(e) close-up of inflorescence