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Daphne kosaninii Stojanov (1928)


species is found in Suva Gora Mts. Macedonia / up to 0,2 m high and ca. 0,3 m wide / higher altitude on rocky slopes and open forest areas / evergreen / hardy / scented / flowers outside tinged pink, inside white, sometimes pink / leaves are blue-green / fruit orange


Daphne kosaninii is confused with Daphne domini. Daphne domini flowers never open (cleistogamous) and the leaves are green.


personal note: seeds offered from Bulgaria were never this species, always Daphne domini

Daphne kosaninii shrub
Daphne kosaninii close-up of inflorescence
Daphne kosaninii with fruits

Above left: Daphne kosaninii shrub


Above right: Daphne kosaninii close-up of inflorescence


Right: Daphne kosaninii blossoms


Below left: rich flowering Daphne kosaninii


Below right: Daphne kosaninii with fruits



rich flowering Daphne kosaninii
Daphne kosaninii blossoms