Daphne genkwa fowers in close-up
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Daphne mezereum L. (1753)


distribution from Europe to W-Asia and also Siberia / up to 2 m, often less / grows on calcareous rocks and also in forested areas / thrives on sunny and shadowed places / on shadowed places the leaves are nearly circular inserted, beautiful but less flowers / hardy / deciduous / fragrance / red flowering forms have red fruits - white forms produce yellow berries / prefers a humus rich top soil on the acid side and in the depth alkaline with lime


alpine Daphne mezereum’s are always smaller with an ascending growth

white Daphne mezereum forms: Alba, Bowles Variety, Albiflora, Alba Plena / red forms: Rubra Select, Rubra  / autumn flowering form is Daphne mezereum var. autumnalis


Daphne x houtteana is a hybrid between Daphne laureola and Daphne mezereum, and a Daphne jezoensis x mezereum hybrid is existing.


In Germany the Mezereon is the only cauliflorous shrub species.

The Mezereon has in the German language many names (i.e. Seidelbast, Kellerhals, Blasenstrauch, Bienenbusch) because in former times this species was  widely known and used. You will find more information on the botany-site sections history and ingredients & use.

Daphne mezereum, Dachstein Mts., Austria, 'gewöhnlicher Seidelbast'
Daphne mezereum, flowering shrub in March, 'gewöhnlicher Seidelbast'
Daphne mezereum, flowering shrub in April, 'gewöhnlicher Seidelbast'
Daphne mezereum 'Alba' flowering shrub, 'gewöhnlicher Seidelbast'
Daphne mezereum 'Alba' blossoms, 'gewöhnlicher Seidelbast'
Daphne mezereum 'Alba', yellow fruits, 'gewöhnlicher Seidelbast'

Above left:

Daphne mezereum, Dachstein Mts., Austria


Above right:

Daphne mezereum, flowering shrub in March



Daphne mezereum, flowering shrub in April


Daphne mezereum 'Alba' flowering shrub


Below right:

Daphne mezereum 'Alba' blossoms


Below left:

Daphne mezereum 'Alba', yellow fruits