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Daphne altaica subsp. altaica Pallas (1789) | subsp. fasciculiflora (T.Z. Hsu) Halda (1997)


native to Altai Mts., Sajan Mts., C-Asia / about 1 m tall / growing in sparse forests and between shrubs / deciduous / hardy / blackish-red fruits (reddish fruits by reference plant from Botanical Garden Linz, Austria) /

subsp. fasciculiflora has leaves more acuminate and revolute margins


Daphne altaica is very similar to Daphne caucasica (black fruits and higher growth)

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In literature I found the thought that Daphne altaica, Daphne taurica, Daphne sophia, and also Daphne longilobata perhaps are only subspecies of Daphne caucasica because of their great similarity.

flowering Daphne altaica branch - Altai Mts. near border to Mongolia, China, -Altai-Seidelbast-
Daphne altaica, shrub, Altai-Seidelbast
Daphne altaica, flowers in bud, Altai-Seidelbast

Left: Daphne altaica, flowers in bud


Below: flowering Daphne altaica branch - Altai           Mts. near border to Mongolia, China


Right: Daphne altaica, shrub

Daphne altaica blossoms close-up, -Altai-Seidelbast-
Daphne altaica young flowering shrub, -Altai-Seidelbast-

Below left:

Daphne altaica blossoms close-up


Below right:

Daphne altaica young flowering shrub