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Daphne caucasica subsp. caucasica Pallas (1788) | subsp. axilliflora (Keissl.) Halda (2001)


Distribution in Caucasus and Transcaucasus  / grows more or less in forested areas / up to 2 m tall / deciduous / hardy / scented /


Subsp. caucasica has black fruits

Subsp. axilliflora has according to J.J. Halda less flowers per inflorescence but more short shoots with inflorescences on the upper parts of the branches and red fruits

Daphne caucasica is very similar to Daphne altaica


Hybrids with Daphne caucasica are:

Daphne x burkwoodii, Daphne x mauerbachii, Daphne x transatlantica, Daphne x ‘Kilmeston Beauty’


and as a part of Daphne x burkwoodii in:

Daphne x mantensiana, Daphne x ‘Pink Star’, Daphne x ‘Rosy Wave’, Daphne x ‘Silver Y’, Daphne x ‘Richards Choice’

flowering branch of Daphne caucasica, 'Kaukasus Seidelbast'
huge shrub of Daphne caucasica, 'Kaukasus Seidelbast'
Daphne caucasica inflorescence, 'Kaukasus Seidelbast'

Above left:

Daphne caucasica inflorescence


Above right:

flowering branch of Daphne caucasica



huge shrub of Daphne caucasica