Daphne genkwa fowers in close-up
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Daphne blagayana Freyer (1838)   


grows in the southeastern parts of Europe, from Croatia to Transsylvania and Greece / in forested areas and on stony slopes / repent growth through the leaf mould between limestone rocks / only 0,1 m high but can cover more than a square meter / evergreen / scented / hardy

discovered by Count Blagay in Slovenia (1873) / long shoots grow out of the soil - covering with stones induces rooting (layering) / in German named Königs-Seidelbast or Königsblume

compact form Daphne blagayana ‘Brenda Anderson’ found in the Durmitor Mts. by Mrs. Brenda Anderson


Hybrids with Daphne blagayana are: Daphne x luxuriosa with parent Daphne glomerata

and Daphne x eschmannii with parent Daphne cneorum and within the three parent hybrid Daphne x ‘Colinton Crown’

flowering Daphne blagayana in Pindos Mts., Greece, 'Königs-Seidelbast', 'Blagays Seidelbast'
flowering Daphne blagayana with Erica carnea, 'Königs-Seidelbast', 'Blagays Seidelbast'
Daphne blagayana, close-up of inflorescence, 'Königs-Seidelbast', 'Blagays Seidelbast'
Daphne blagayana 'Brenda Anderson', close-up of flowers, 'Königs-Seidelbast', 'Blagays Seidelbast'

Above left:

Daphne blagayana in Pindos Mts., Greece


Above right:

Daphne blagayana with Erica carnea


Below left:

inflorescence of Daphne blagayana ‘Brenda Anderson’


Below right:

inflorescence of Daphne blagayana

Daphne blagayana flowering shrub, 'Königs-Seidelbast', 'Blagays Seidelbast'
inflorescences of Daphne blagayana, 'Königs-Seidelbast', 'Blagays Seidelbast'


Daphne blagayana

flowering shrub



inflorescences of

Daphne blagayana