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Daphne glomerata Lamarck (1789)


distribution NE-Turkey and Caucasus region / altitudes up to 3500 m on rocky slopes and meadows / between 0,2 and 0,5 m tall / prefers a stony and humus rich soil under cool mountain conditions otherwise a stony well drained soil is better with a warmer climate / evergreen / fragrance / orange-red fruits


local varieties are: Daphne glomerata var. nivalis - smaller plants from high altitude

Daphne glomerata var. pauciflora - less flowers on an inflorescence, from low altitudes

Daphne glomerata var. puberula - with pubescent flower tubes



excellent photos of Daphne glomerata by:  link outside this homepage


Hybrids with Daphne glomerata are:

D. x colorata,

D. x cupida,

D. juraseki,

D. x nobilis and

Daphne x luxuriosa a hybrid with Daphne blagayana.

Daphne glomerata, Pontic Alps, Turkey
Daphne glomerata inflorescences, Pontic Alps, Turkey
Daphne glomerata 'Nana'

Above and below left:

Daphne glomerata, Pontic Alps, Turkey


Above right:

Daphne glomerata 'Nana'


Below left:

Daphne glomerata var. nivalis


Daphne glomerata var. nivalis