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Daphne rodriguezii  Texidor (1869)


endemic to Menorca and Colom Island / ca. 0,5 m tall / evergreen / fragrant / not hardy / whitish flowers / orange fruits

prefers a very well drained and chalky soil for pot cultivation

special characteristic of Daphne rodriguezii are the ciliate margins of the leaves, no other Daphne has this feature


Hybrids with Daphne rodriguezii are:  Daphne x blanda, Daphne x jintyae (pudica), Daphne x latymeri (lepida), Daphne x seibertii,

and Daphne rodriguezii x arbuscula


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Herbarium picture of Daphne rodriguezii    

Daphne rodriguezii shrub, Rodriguez' -Seidelbast
flowers close up of Daphne rodriguezii, Rodriguez'-Seidelbast
flowers close up of Daphne rodriguezii, Rodriguez' -Seidelbast


Daphne rodriguezii shrub


Above right and below:

flowers close up of Daphne rodriguezii