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Daphne rosmarinifolia  Rehder (1916)


known from Sichuan and Yunnan in China and also Upper Burma up to 3750 m / grows on rocky slopes / rounded little shrub with 0,4 m height / evergreen, in very cold areas semi-evergreen / hardy


During a trip to China Jens Nielsen and Ron McBeath collected this species and introduced it to Europe. Daphne rosmarinifolia ‘Goldstrike’ is a named clone.


Daphne rosmarinifolia is a further Daphne species with five lobes. Daphne modesta and Daphne gemmata are also five lobed Daphnes that have left the genus Wikstroemia.

Daphne rosmarinifolia ‘Goldstrike’ in foreground (Rosmarinblättriger Seidelbast), behind grows a tall Daphne aurantiaca (orangefarbener Seidelbast)
Daphne rosmarinifolia ‘Goldstrike’ rich flowering, Rosmarinblättriger Seidelbast
Daphne rosmarinifolia flowers close-up, Rosmarinblättriger Seidelbast


Daphne rosmarinifolia ‘Goldstrike’ in foreground, behind grows a tall Daphne aurantiaca


Above right:

Daphne rosmarinifolia flowers close-up



Daphne rosmarinifolia ‘Goldstrike’ rich flowering