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Daphne woronowii  Kolakovsky (1961)


grows in Russia, region Krasnodar / between 0,2 high and ca. 0,4 m wide / rocky slopes / evergreen / hardy / scented / tending to decumbent growth / leaves are crowded at the end of the shoots / is said to be the legendary ‘Blue Daphne’ but the pink flowers are only slightly tinged lilac


Daphne woronowii is treated as the small variety of Daphne pseudosericea and therefore also included to Daphne sericea  


pictures of Daphne woronowii in nature by:  link outside this homepage



Daphne woronowii flowering shrub, 'Woronows Seidelbast'
flowers in bud of Daphne woronowii, 'Woronows Seidelbast'
Daphne woronowii flowers close-up, 'Woronows Seidelbast'


Daphne woronowii flowering shrub


Below left:

flowers in bud of Daphne woronowii


Below right:

Daphne woronowii flowers close-up