Daphne genkwa flowers in close-up
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Daphne velenovskyi Halda (1981)


native to the Pirin Mts., Bulgaria / only 0,1m high but up to 0,3 m in diameter / sunny slopes between grasses and perennials / on limestone / evergreen / scented / slow growth


similar to Daphne cneorum but it seems that the branches are thicker


Daphne x sillingeri is a natural hybrid between Daphne oleoides and Daphne velenovskyi.

Daphne x ‘Kelsey Ann’ (Daphne velenovskyi x Daphne petraea ‘Grandiflora’)

Daphne x ‘Weber’s Finding’ is a Daphne velenovskyi hybrid with an unknown partner.

big prostrate shrub of Daphne velenovskyi, 'Velenovskys Seidelbast'
inflorescence of Daphne velenovskyi, 'Velenovskys Seidelbast'
Daphne velenovskyi flowering, thick axis is visible, 'Velenovskys Seidelbast'

Below: big prostrate shrub of Daphne velenovskyi


Right: inflorescence


Right below: Daphne velenovskyi flowering, thick axis is visible